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Partner with The Murder Mystery Company in Lansing to take your next mystery party to the next level! Our mystery experts deliever 2 hours of non-stop mystery, intrigue, and fun!

How to Throw a Mystery Party with The Murder Mystery Co.

Everything you need to have a personalized, unique crime scene for your next event!

Give us the details

Give us the details.For your murder mystery party, we need some basic clues- When, where, and why? When are you having it, where do you want it to take place, and what is your motive for holding the event? That is all we need to get started preparing for your party!

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  • Midnight
  • 80's
  • Til Death
  • Best Laid
  • Sound Mind
  • Crime
  • Dance
  • Most Wonderful
  • Now You See It

Choose your theme.We need to get a little personal. Are you the sort that would enjoy film noir, or 1980's hair metal? Would you like an awards banquet, or a 1950's sock hop? No matter what your tastes tend towards, we have the perfect mystery party theme for you!

Choose your theme

Plan your party.Now that you've clued us in, it's our turn to help! We have suggestions for you to use every step of the way! From decorations, to music choice, to costume tips and tricks, we can point you in the right direction. From this point out, it is going to be easy!

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Host a Private Murder Mystery Party in Lansing

There are so many opportunities for throwing a killer bash, and your next shindig is the perfect one to turn into a murder mystery party in Lansing! You’re guaranteed an easy, effective event that every guest will enjoy. Whether you want to murder-ify a corporate gala, a fundraiser, a birthday party, or a holiday get-together, you’re in for the whodunnit of a lifetime!

A private event with The Murder Mystery Company in Lansing makes for a thrilling murder mystery party that your guests will never forget. Whatever occasion you want to celebrate, we’ll add the perfect touch of intrigue and comedy to make it a truly unique crime solving experience. Your guests will be welcomed into a brand new world that hosts shady suspects and inquisitive investigators. They’ll need to work together to follow the clues and gather information from the suspects among them, leading to a completely immersive evening of sleuthing for your companions.

Most amazing of all, your event can be celebrated exactly the way you want. You have your pick of our tried-and-true themes, so select one that will be the most fun for the crowd! You can even choose to structure your murder mystery party as a standalone entertainment event, or center it around a multi-course meal. We can prepare you a crime scene just about anywhere in the Lansing area, from your home to a venue big enough to fit everyone you’ve ever met!

Our private events team is really, really good at what they do. They’ll help you put together a Lansing murder mystery party so fabulous that you’ll wish you’d found us sooner! Contact our event specialists at 888-643-2583 to fill us in on the details of your party, or complete the form to be put in touch.